“The best day of the week”

What is the best day of the week for speciality food shops?

Based on our own sales records for Partridges undoubtedly the best day is Saturday, followed by Sunday and then Friday. However, a more interesting question is to ask what is the busiest midday week of the month which includes Mondays to Thursdays only? A straw poll of our shop staff revealed a split between those who thought Wednesdays or Thursdays were busiest. Nobody picked Mondays or Tuesdays. However, it is worth looking at each month of the year to see what actually happened.

For January the busiest midweek day of the month was a Monday. Monday 30th January to be precise. This day is frequently described as Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year based on the weather, levels of debt and time since the Christmas festivities. There is even a formula to support the theory. Perhaps we should celebrate Blue Monday a little more.

For February the busiest day was Valentine’s Day, for us one of the most significant days of the year. Not necessarily in terms of footfall but customer awareness and online sales.

Step forward March 16th. I have no reason why this was the case. Perhaps spring was in the air but still sales were sadly 2% down on an average day throughout the year. April's Maundy Thursday is the last working day before the Easter Holidays and therefore the day when most orders are collected, last-minute Easter Eggs scooped up and panettone flies off the shelves. This day was 5% above our average day in terms of sales.

In May, Thursday 25th was the busiest day. It was right in the middle of Chelsea Flower Show week which for us is a major local event and we sold lots of bottles of Chelsea Flower Gin. The weather was good and sales were 11% above an average day.

In June the busiest day was Wednesday the 14th. June has claims to be the happiest month of the year according to different theories. However this Wednesday in question was actually 3% lower than the average days’ takings.

In July it was Thursday 6th which is close of course to July 14th which is estimated to be the happiest day of the year by the same Professor who thought up the Blue Monday phenomenon. The weather is good, there are lots of uplifting events and celebrations, and this day was 16% above the average days takings.

In August another Thursday, but it actually saw nearly 20% below an average day's takings. In September it was a Tuesday – the 19th and in October again not a Thursday but another Monday this time 30th October. A day after the return from Half Term but also very close to Halloween which like Valentine’s Day is another significant special event day, and this Monday was 4% up on an average day.

Finally in November it was back to a Thursday with 23rd November being 36% up on an average day. This for us is the Big Daddy of special events (excluding Christmas of course).

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