Mevalco launches New Year line-up

The fast-growing importer and wholesaler of premium Spanish fine foods, has launched an innovative New Year line-up of exceptional products and ingredients, all of which has been sourced from Spanish artisan producers specially chosen to deliver flavour and texture

Available in a range of formats and pack sizes, the Mevalco New Year range has been specially created to respond to the growing need for authentic Spanish products.

Within the range is two varieties of olives, Mevalco’s Cornicabra olives (£12.50 gallon jar). This variety of olive, with its beautiful colour range of pale pink to dark purple, originates from Toledo in central Spain and has a fruity and hot flavour. These are great on their own or mixed with any of Mevalco’s green olives. The other variety of olives is Mevalco’s Receta del Cortijo olives (£11.95 4.2kg net weight). These stunning verdial olives are marinated with garlic, red pepper and paprika, are a real favourite.

Mevalco’s delicious caramelised walnuts (£15.85 1kg) are a new addition and are a truly great ingredient and work very well with a whole host of desserts. Mevalco’s new sun dried Moscatel Muscat raisins from Malaga have a beautiful dark purple colour with a deep sweet flavour – a real delicacy. They are available as grain ‘grano’ and original ‘en rama’. (Grano raisins available in cases of 5kg, £8.95 per kg or original raisins available £7.25 per 600g).

Naturally dried with no additives or artificial colour added, Mevalco’s Pajarero figs are a small and sweet variety and are available both natural and dusted with flour in 6kg boxes (£4.95 per kg).

Last but certainly not least is Mevalco’s Calçots which are now in season. Calçots, which are half way between an enormous spring onion and a leek, can be cooked on the BBQ or similar and have a mild and sweet taste. They are particularly good charred and dipped in Romesco Sauce – a bit messy but also delicious! (Available in bundles of 10 (1kg) £2.95 or bundles of 25 (2.5kg) £5.50)

David Menendez, founder and sales director of Mevalco said, “We are really excited and proud of the new year range of products and ingredients we are introducing at Mevalco. Both varieties of olives are absolutely stunning and the Cornicabra olives are also a great substitute to Kalamata olives as you are getting the same quality olive but at a more economical price. The Pajarero figs are an absolute must for every cheese board and would be a great match with our Cuevas de Pregondón Blue Goats Cheese or Cabrales Teyedu Cheese. Delicious.”

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