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George Paul, owner of Bradbury's shares his views on the past and present of the cheese and dairy industries

“Bricks and clicks”

The cheese award fest is by now in full swing, with a whole series of heavyweight events claiming some unique positioning in the trade

“You never know what you’ve got till it’s gone”

From its wartime decimation, the unique heritage of UK artisan cheese has slowly clawed its way back to national and international recognition. More than 600 different and culturally diverse types were effectively destroyed to meet the understandable compulsion for national survival post-WWII, indirectly gifting Cheddar a legacy it could never have dreamed of in the late thirties

“Rediscovering the White Knight”

In past articles I have noted the demise of some sectors of our regional cheese heritage, most notably Farmhouse Cheshire

“Changing channels”

It is one thing to make great cheese, another to import great cheese, to handle, store and pack great cheese, but in the end it’s all about who buys it

“Pump up the volume”

In the dark months of winter, as the cold chill winds numb the body and brain and simply doing the routine tasks is a chore, it’s hard to engage the spirit in creating and delivering the new, facing the challenges of looking forward and, most importantly, being even more relevant

“Blurred vision”

Rarely has a year ahead looked so confused as when trying to predict the opportunity and challenges that face the dairy trade in 2017

“Keeping it in the family”

It’s a historical reality that British artisan cheese was affected more between 1939-45 than any other European country, and hundreds of unique regional types lost out in the drive to uniformity, mass production and Government cheese that created the dominance Cheddar still holds today

“Double trouble!”

It's rare that cheese runs through a period of stability for more than 18-20 months, and we are seeing another of those cyclical surges that are the hallmark of this trade

“New days and new ways”

Since the momentous decision of 23rd June, rarely a day has passed without someone examining the consequences, outcomes and impact of that Brexit vote

“Blues brothers”

When privileged to meet and listen to the cheesemaking fraternity of the UK, I am frequently surprised by the almost consistent desire by so many to make a blue cheese type, whether as a new line or an extension of their brand

“It’s all a matter of taste”

Throughout the UK there is a kaleidoscope of tastes, many of these moving inexorably over recent years

“Reward, discord and fraud”

A great chasm begins to open in the cheese trade, essentially fuelled by the declining milk price and the divergent demands of suppliers and customers

“Brand Stand”

The value of brand in cheese is varied from the classic pre-pack to the harder-to-project deli pack, but all compete for recognition and shopper loyalty in a competitive environment. The major cheese brands are in general having a torrid time as so many matters change in the grocery market. That eternal struggle between brand distribution and volume growth has never been more challenging than it is right now

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