KÖLD Cocktails

Authentic bar-quality cocktails made with the finest natural ingredients and premium spirits, just freeze and serve!

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  • Unique Freezable Pouches

    Sold ambient and then frozen at home, the pouches pack easily into the freezer. It also eliminates the need for ice as the cocktails come out a delicious slushy consistency!

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

    We never use anything artificial in our products so you are always guaranteed a completely natural and authentic cocktail experience.

  • Double Measure of Premium Spirits

    We use a double measure of premium spirits (barrel-aged Caribbean rum and triple-distilled vodka) in all of our cocktails to ensure a bar-quality taste.

100% Natural and Bar-Quality

KÖLD Cocktails draws inspiration for their design from the ice bars and cool style of Scandinavia. Created to help people enjoy authentic cocktails in the comfort of their own home!

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