Kalosa Spritz

Specially crafted for the modern drinker, an all-natural premium alcoholic spritz with only 99 calories per bottle.

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  • Only 99 calories per bottle!

    Kalosa Spritz has only 99 calories per bottle and a fraction of the sugar found in many alcoholic drinks but with absolutely no compromise on flavour, making it the perfect healthier alcoholic drink!

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

    We never use anything artificial in any of our products, we keep it simple with only the finest natural ingredients!

  • Light, refreshing and delicious!

    The perfect summer drink, great for picnic’s and BBQ’s, Kalosa Spritz is sparkling, light and refreshing, and good for when you’re ‘not really drinking’ or watching the calories!

Healthier Alcoholic Alternative!

With the shift towards premiumisation, lower sugar, abv and calorie conscious drinks over the last few years, consumers are drinking less, but drinking better. Kalosa Spritz ticks all the right boxes.

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