Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Morocco Gold, cold-pressed, single estate extra virgin olive oil, is an exquisite new source of super premium extra virgin olive oil, made exclusively from olives grown in the foothills of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Superbly presented in a luxurious black bottle, echoing the ancient amphora, it has a modern, clean design. Morocco Gold is exclusively sold here in the UK and is made from the Picholine Marocaine cultivar, harvested and pressed early in the season when the fruit is young to maintain its fresh milled flavour. The end result is a well-balanced extra virgin olive oil with subtle flavours of green fruit, hints of sweet almonds, fresh turf and peppery herbs. It’s the ultimate food enhancing ingredient with the unique ability to draw out all the other flavours of food that it is drizzled over or cooked with. 500ml bottle.