Nine Meals From Anarchy - Uncorrupted Veg Stock

"A vegetable stock made mostly with vegetables shouldn't be the exception but somehow this seems to be the case. Our veg stock has a vegetable content of over 75% (the vast majority are no more than 7%) and differs to existing products available because it has: Over 10 times the veg content of most Lower salt - around half of many No sugar No palm oil Gluten free It is an ambient product with a 12 month shelf life and in short; it's veg, salt, extra virgin olive oil, pepper, turmeric - nothing else. It offers a different level of quality to vegetable stocks currently available and, per portion, it is cheaper than a Knorr Stock Pot. Use this stock to add seasoning and depth of flavour to any food you are cooking in or with water (soups, stews, vegetables, pasta, rice etc) and you'll be glad you did. 14 portions - which makes 7 litres of stock - are packed into a jar."

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