20% off all Garofalo Pasta in October

Pasta is an essential ingredient for your customers’ festive food celebrations.

Pasta is one of the most popular dishes served on Christmas eve; something simple before the big day, and who doesn’t include pasta salad on the Boxing day buffet table?

It’s time now to stock up on Garofalo premium Italian pasta with 20% off at UK online wholesaler Gustalia.com

Why Garofalo pasta?

- 5 ranges of pasta including Traditional, Whole Wheat, Gluten Free, Children’s and Organic.

- 72 shapes from the familiar Fusilli and Macaroni to the not so familiar Lumaconi and Orecchiette.

- Exceptional Taste and Texture:

Garofalo pasta is high protein pasta and resists over cooking giving an al dente cooked texture.

We use a traditional bronze die to form the shapes which results in the sauce clinging to the pasta to give a perfect mixture of sauce and pasta in every mouthful.

- Garofalo pasta is not in the big supermarkets.

- Garofalo pasta is available for nationwide delivered via a network of UK wholesalers.

Receive 20% off all Garofalo pasta in October from online wholesaler Gustalia.com

Gustalia offers:  minimum order quantity 1 case / free delivery / 24 hour ordering.

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