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May 2022

In the May issue of Speciality Food, we’re getting ready for summer with our explorations into the upcoming barbecue season, British charcuterie market, and seasonal thirst-quenchers. We also uncover the opportunities within the oils, vinegars and dressings market, find out how to cash in on customer experience, and find out why umami is taking the fine food industry by storm. Plus, you’ll discover the latest products to hit shelves as well as exclusive expert insight and opinion to help boost your business.

  • Cash in on the upcoming season with our barbecue and summer drinks insights
  • Find out why umami is taking the fine food industry by storm
  • Explore the past, present and future of the UK’s charcuterie sector
Cheese Buyer 2022

In the latest issue of Cheese Buyer, we explore the fine cheese industry within the UK and beyond. We delve into the heart of the British cheese market, seeking out opportunities, exploring the growth of vegan cheeses, and the following the rise of sustainability in the dairy sector. We also look at how UK-made products compare to international cheeses, and share the stories of some of the world’s most delicious cheeses.

  • Uncover the stories behind the world’s best-loved cheeses
  • Explore the future of cheese – from sustainability to vegan innovations
  • Learn about the opportunities in the UK cheese industry and beyond

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