• “The only way forward is to work together as one”

    20 March 2020 Coronavirus
    Paddy Bishopp, co-founder of start-up hub Shout About Suffolk, highlights the impact Covid-19 has had on his business and those in his care
  • How small brands are rising to the Coronavirus challenge

    16 March 2020 Coronavirus
    "I must admit from the outset that until recently I was one of a stubborn group of individuals who refused to acknowledge the threat of Coronavirus to business performance and frowned upon the hysteria being created globally," says Chris Green, co-founder of Young Foodies
  • 4 Steps to Develop a Brand Strategy

    18 November 2019 Start-Ups
    For a new brand, corralling features and benefits, different target markets and audiences into a single point is tough, says brand consultant Bruce McKinnon, founder of Mission Brand
  • The UK Start-up Landscape at a Glance

    31 October 2019 News
    Andriana Moskovska, community manager at SmallBizGenius, on the start-up concepts that are making waves in the UK
  • Investment: Getting the Right Fit

    06 August 2019 Start-Ups
    Innovative snack brand Sea Chips did the unthinkable when they turned down investment from Dragon's Den. Here, co-founders Dom Smith and Daniel Pawson explain how they went about finding the right investor for them - and the importance of getting the perfect fit
  • Enter the Future Food Awards!

    14 June 2019 News
    Entries are coming in thick and fast, with the 30th June being the last day to submit your business
  • The Start-up Life

    12 June 2019 Start-Ups
    Why do it, and how? asks Jason Gibb, co-founder of Bread & Jam and creator of Planet Jason
  • Mastering SEO for food and drink

    11 June 2019 Start-Ups
    Liz Rosling of SME Loans explains how to get your products flying off the virtual shelves
  • 7 need-to-know copywriting tips for start-ups

    14 May 2019 Start-Ups
    If you are a start-up, entrepreneur or small business, you already know how powerful effective copywriting can be. Here are seven simple, tried-and-tested copywriting tips to help you build early traction with your customers from Sophie Foyle, associate director of ADPR
  • Have you entered the Future Food Awards yet?

    10 May 2019 News
    Want to know which category to enter your business into? We've got everything you need to know
  • Golden opportunities

    09 April 2019 News
    Hiromi Stone, the founder of Kinomi Nuts, runs her business on the Japanese principle of Kodawari, “the uncompromising and relentless pursuit of perfection”
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