• Enter the Future Food Awards!

    14 June 2019 News
    Entries are coming in thick and fast, with the 30th June being the last day to submit your business
  • The Start-up Life

    12 June 2019 Start-Ups
    Why do it, and how? asks Jason Gibb, co-founder of Bread & Jam and creator of Planet Jason
  • Mastering SEO for food and drink

    11 June 2019 Start-Ups
    Liz Rosling of SME Loans explains how to get your products flying off the virtual shelves
  • 7 need-to-know copywriting tips for start-ups

    14 May 2019 Start-Ups
    If you are a start-up, entrepreneur or small business, you already know how powerful effective copywriting can be. Here are seven simple, tried-and-tested copywriting tips to help you build early traction with your customers from Sophie Foyle, associate director of ADPR
  • Have you entered the Future Food Awards yet?

    10 May 2019 News
    Want to know which category to enter your business into? We've got everything you need to know
  • Golden opportunities

    09 April 2019 News
    Hiromi Stone, the founder of Kinomi Nuts, runs her business on the Japanese principle of Kodawari, “the uncompromising and relentless pursuit of perfection”
  • Choosing the right funding for your business

    05 April 2019 News
    Whether it’s kickstarting your own venture or taking the existing project ahead, businesses often require funding for growth. Rob Straathof, chief executive officer at Liberis, shares the options
  • Bullion Dollar Baby

    02 April 2019 News
    25-year-old Max Scotford, founder of Bullion Chocolate, has not had any time to look back since being named Supreme Champion of the 2018 New Producer Awards
  • What is crowdfunding - and how can it help your business?

    07 March 2019 Start-Ups
    Crowdfunding has taken off in a big way since the term was first coined in 2006, and there are now a growing number of sites such as Kickstarter, Crowdfunder, CrowdCube, Seedrs and Indiegogo offering an alternative avenue for start-ups to get off the ground or for…
  • 5 ways to attract retail distribution

    05 February 2019 Start-Ups
    Meenesh Mistry, founder of healthy cookie brand Wholey Moly, shares his tips
  • How to become your own PR pro

    09 January 2019 Start-Ups
    Charlotte Moore is founder of The Smoothie Bar – a monthly membership club that teaches foodie start-ups how to do their own responsive PR in 10 mins a day
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