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As I promised last week, more on our environmental conference this week.
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Paul Hargreaves
Chief executive of Cotswold Fayre
Paul Hargreaves
  • Viewpoint: Jamie Crummie

    16 May 2019 News
    The Too Good To Go founder is a sustainable champion with purpose at his core
  • Climate Emergency Now Declared

    13 May 2019 Speciality Bites
    What amazing timing was our 'Towards a Greener Future' conference last Friday.
  • Where to shop in North London

    07 May 2019 News
    The CEO of Great British Chefs, Ollie Lloyd, shares the best places to source ingredients
  • “We don’t over-emphasise our organic-ness”

    03 May 2019 News
    Sustainability pioneer and cheesemaker Patrick Holden, from the Sustainable Food Trust, on changing the world through better systems
  • How strong is our sector?

    25 March 2019 Speciality Bites
    After spending most of last week at trade events, I thought I would give an assessment this week of the strength of the speciality food sector
  • “Bring on the afternoon telly”

    19 March 2019 Fine Food
    The signs are all there and after studying the runes the BBC has devised a winning programme for that difficult afternoon telly slot.
  • Brex-mess

    18 March 2019 Speciality Bites
    To my horror I had an e-mail a week or so ago reminding me that I am speaking in a Brexit debate at IFE this week. I had forgotten when I signed up to it several months ago, but really do not want to talk about…
  • Retail Evolution

    11 March 2019 Speciality Bites
    I remember writing a blog post a few years ago after spending three days at the NEC on a stand that was on the border of the Convenience Show and the Farm Shop & Deli Show
  • Greenwash

    04 March 2019 Speciality Bites
    As we approach the third decade of the 21st century, many companies know they need to sharpen up their act on both how they treat their people, the people in their supply chains and the people of the world through their environmental policies
  • “I spend a lot of time trying to find the most amazing, unusual cheeses the world has to offer”

    01 March 2019 News
    Cheesemonger Morgan McGlynn is on a mission to convert a new generation to the pleasures of Britain's heritage cheeses
  • Being B Corp

    25 February 2019 Speciality Bites
    It seems that in the fourth year since its launch in the UK, people are talking about B Corp more than ever in this B Corp month of February. launched their on-line B Corp shop this month and grouped all 42 B Corp products already…
  • Viewpoint: Renee Elliot

    18 February 2019 News
    The founder of Planet Organic and co-founder of Beluga Bean shares the journey towards a better life and planet
  • Buyer-supplier relationships

    18 February 2019 Speciality Bites
    One of the leading articles in ‘The Grocer’ this week was an article on buyer-supplier relationships, which told us “that a new study from the University of East Anglia claims to have unearthed new lessons about the buyer-supplier relationship. Dr Ricardo Santana and Professor Andrew…
  • “How did you get on with Veganuary?”

    12 February 2019 Fine Food
    Last year saw the rise and rise of vegan food. 'Plant-based food' became a watchword for a new kind of dish and it quickly became a case of be there or be square.
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