Best selling and must stock Garofalo Pasta shapes

We were asked what would be our top three recommendations for stores selling Garofalo pasta and we said….

Garofalo Fusilli Lunghi would be our first choice for any deli wishing to stock Garofalo pasta, not only does it look amazing in the packet, it’s a great shape to serve to hold the sauce and impress both adults and children!

Garofalo Orechiette is another shape that works extremely well for delicatessens. Orecchiette are typical of Puglia, a region of southern Italy. Their name comes from the shape, which looks like a small ear and in Italian orecchio means ear, and the suffix ‘etto’ means ‘small’. Orecchiette are about 1.75 cm across and slightly domed with thinner centres compared to the edge giving them a variable texture and a place to catch the sauce.

Macaroni is one of those shapes that everyone knows but it is not often found in a quality premium pasta. In fact, Garofalo Elbow Macaroni has been specially developed for the UK market as it is not a shape Garofalo make to sell in Italy. The curved (elbow) macaroni is perfect for Macaroni Cheese, allowing the sauce to surround the tubes both inside and out.

There are 72 shapes to choose from in the Garofalo range of pasta available in the UK from our wholesale customers.

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  • Garofalo Fusilli Lunghi
  • Garofalo Orechiette
  • Macaroni
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