Garofalo Pasta

You want to stock premium quality and affordable Italian pasta, but how do you recognise excellent pasta?

Good quality pasta is first and foremost recognised by its colour and smell; the choice should always be a golden, amber colour with the smell of fresh wheat. The highest quality pasta is bronze die formed, an ancient Italian technique that gives a rough porous surface to the pasta that enables it to absorb the sauce well.

Raw Materials

Pasta is made from two simple ingredients; durum wheat semolina and water. With only two ingredients it would be difficult to make a premium top quality pasta if the best wheat was not used. It is the quality and quantity of the protein in the form of gluten that primarily determines the quality of the wheat and therefore the quality of the pasta. All Garofalo’s wheat pasta is made using robust durum wheat semolina. The result a pasta high in protein that resists over cooking and retains the al dente texture should a few minute accidently get added to the cooking time.

Bronze Die

Garofalo pasta is made using a bronze die, which is the original way to extrude the dough to make the different pasta cuts. Bronze dies have been used since the 1700, long before today’s alternatives of Teflon and plastic dies existed. Pasta made using the traditional bronze die has a slightly rough texture and a porous surface that holds the sauce.


This is not where the story of excellent pasta ends, the final part in this story is the drying process. Time and temperature are important Shorter drying times are the most cost effective for production but drying too quickly can result in brittle pasta which breaks easily.

Garofalo pasta is distributed in the UK by:

Amato Foods; CWF; CQS; Cotswold Fayre; Gustalia; Hider; Holleys; Shire Foods; The Gorgeous Food Company; Ticco Foods

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