Peter’s Yard Relaunch

Peter's Yard has relaunched their three varieties of sourdough crispbread bites, with improved packaging and small recipe tweaks

The light, crisp Sea Salt variety is seasoned with Halen Môn PDO Sea Salt, 5 Seed is more rustic with the additional mix of pumpkin, sunflower, poppy and chia seeds. Cumin & Nigella Seed has a warming flavour from the special whole spice mix that includes cumin, nigella, caraway, anise and fennel. Each flavour is based on a Peter’s Yard classic sourdough crispbread recipe, which is high in fibre and made with all-natural ingredients including organic whole-wheat flour, rye sourdough and organic fresh milk. Cut into bite-sized rectangular pieces, they are hand-baked until golden and crisp.

Now clearly stating their usage, that crispbread bites are ‘the natural choice for dips’, the packaging has also been brought closer to the Peter’s Yard branding. Available from a wide selection of speciality distributors. RRP £2.49 per 105g pack.

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  • RRP £2.49 per 105g pack.
  • Sea Salt
  • 5 Seed
  • Cumin & Nigella Seed
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