Saf Life

Saf Life was born out of a passion to help individuals achieve optimum health and well-being through holistic nutrition.

The Saf brand has been a pioneer for over ten years in snacking products that are influenced by the following criteria:
·        Vegan

·        Raw – dehydrating at 46°C to preserve nutrition

·        Gluten Free

·        Organic

·        SALSA & Soil Association compliant production methods

·        On trend flavours & products using low GI natural coconut sugar

·        Products that are nutritionally dense and are a source of Fibre and Protein

·        Developed by nutritionists, doctors and leading Vegan chefs

We have brought to the market an assortment of innovative and highly nutritious products, available in attractive and distinctive packaging, that can be split between the following two categories:

Impulse Range: Protein Bites, Pudding Bites, Raw Chocolate Trail Mixes, Coconut Chips.

Grocery Range: Activated Crackers, Activated Nuts, Nutty Nori Sandwiches, Fruity Coconut Pastilles, Cereal Bites and Kale Crisps.

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  • Protein Bites
  • Pudding Bites
  • Raw Chocolate Trail Mixes
  • Coconut Chips
  • Activated Crackers
  • Activated Nuts
  • Nutty Nori Sandwiches
  • Fruity Coconut Pastilles
  • Cereal Bites
  • Kale Crisps
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