The Dog Treat Company

Top notch, nutritionally ripper dog treats! When one in three dogs are deemed clinically obese and pessimistic predictions suggest that plump pooches will outstrip healthy hounds within five years, it’s vital that pet owners re-evaluate the phrase ‘dog treat’. Despite the well-being revolution gathering momentum within human food, too many pet treats remain stuck in the past, made from overprocessed, inferior-grade meats, inappropriate ‘filler’ grains and deviously masked salts and sugars.

The Dog Treat Company (DTC) is a proud Devon–based business that stubbornly insists on using only the finest human grade meats, oils, spices and botanical herbs in its all natural dog treats.

Having made its name in ‘Graze-style’ home delivery snack boxes, DTC has now broadened its appeal via a range of premium dog treats in quirky, collectible treat tins that help tackle every imaginable pet affliction. Plus, an expanding family of seasonal specials.


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