Why digital transformation is crucial for the food and drink industry

09 September 2021, 07:30 AM
  • Digital tools offer small businesses new ways to adapt to a changing sector

During the pandemic, consumer shopping habits transformed, shifting towards buying food and drink online through e-commerce channels. This digital evolution has been slowly ticking forward for years, but experts estimate that Covid sped up the online shopping trend by five years in the UK.

As more and more consumers consider digital solutions for food and drink, so too are independent retailers and manufacturers. Digital transformation has proven to be crucial to food and drink businesses of all sizes, and many in the industry have been eager to adopt new tools.

From using robotics and process control technologies to improve sustainability and automating data collection points to create a line of traceability, technologies can not only help producers overcome challenges, but also unlock a whole host of opportunities. 

Made Smarter is designed to connect UK makers to the digital tools, leadership, and skills they need to drive sustainable growth. The group actively supports small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses across the North East, North West, West Midlands and Yorkshire & Humber regions.

Made Smarter has developed a guide to the changes in food and drink manufacturing today, and how technology can be leveraged to keep pace with the transformation. In their guide, the group shares a few of the biggest advantages that makers in the food and drink space can look forward to and provides examples of the technologies its clients are leveraging to act as inspiration for businesses’ own transformations. Read the guide here.

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