28 October 2022, 14:12 PM
  • With a full-service team based in Guildford, Sun Valley Rice provides a broad range of premium California-grown short and medium-grain rice varieties to customers globally

Rice has long been considered a culinary staple in the diets of consumers all over the world, and the resurgence of home cooking has led to an increase in popularity and consumption globally.

People are continuing to discover the versatility of rice across various types of cuisines and the health benefits that come along with it.

Rice offers more than 15 essential vitamins and minerals and is an easy-to-use ingredient that any health-conscious home cook or professional chef can explore. Different rice varieties have the ability to elevate a meal, introducing nuanced flavours and textures that complement any dish.

Calrose is the most recognized variety in the United Kingdom and abroad, used most commonly in recipes where rice is featured prominently like paella or risotto. People enjoy the soft yet sticky texture which serves as a perfect foundation.

Short-grain varieties like Koshihikari and Calhikari are preferred by sushi connoisseurs due to their round and springy texture while medium-grain rice is more economical and retains moisture longer, making it the perfect accompaniment for everyday use.

Calmochi is an internationally loved dessert rice, sweet and chewy, often used in rice cakes and puddings. For health-conscious cooks, sprouted brown rice is the ideal nutrient-rich option and whole grain Calrose is the perfect choice for the whole family and is often preferred to white rice due to a softer texture closer to white rice than brown.

From Calrose to Calmochi, Sun Valley Rice supplies quality products, grown locally in California where the climate and soil are ideal for producing the highest-quality rice with a taste and texture that is consistent all year round.

A vertically integrated business means that Sun Valley Rice controls the entire cultivation process including sourcing, milling and production. This ensures quality every step of the way.

Protecting natural resources is also a responsibility Sun Valley Rice takes seriously. Each year after the rice is harvested, the fields are flooded to provide food and shelter to over 230 wildlife species that inhabit the Sacramento Valley.

With a history of innovation and a passion for craftsmanship, Sun Valley Rice implements modern farming methods and sustainable practices that deliver the finest rice varieties to customers globally.

A seamless supply chain is important, and Sun Valley Rice has a dedicated team based in the United Kingdom who services the greater European market with extensive knowledge of launching private label brands and working with retailers and wholesalers to build successful routes to market.

Sun Valley Rice has always been a step ahead, developing its own proprietary technology and building the largest, most advanced sprouting facility in Northern California.

This visionary thinking put into practice is what has driven the success of Sun Valley Rice which now boasts the biggest market share of short-grain varieties milled in the United States.

Backed by over 50 years of knowledge and experience, the team has established itself as stewards of the land and global leaders in the rice industry with a legacy that continues today.

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