14 July 2022, 08:17 AM
  • The future looks bright for the circular economy within the retail sector. Ranpak is here to help

Forrester’s recent predictions [Fiona Swerdlow, Sucharita Kodali, Forrester, Predictions 2022] confirm a trend that we are all seeing, namely the importance of the circular economy to retail businesses. They also highlight growing expectations related to the handling of customer returns.

Both of these issues speak directly to brand reputation and customer experience as key factors in years to come – an arena where better packaging can help. Ranpak created the first environmentally responsible system to protect products during shipment, earning Ranpak a reputation as an innovative leader in e-commerce and industrial supply chain solutions. Now that stores have reopened and customers are once again taking advantage of the in-store experience, we have turned our attention to providing more sustainable packaging options for in-store as well.

First and foremost, consumers want fast, efficient in-store packaging, and they are increasingly demanding paper-based solutions to avoid the use of plastic packaging materials such as foam and plastic air bubbles, which diminish the customer experience due to their contribution to plastic pollution.

Retailers need solutions that are sized to their needs – regardless of how large or small they are, space is always a concern. That’s why Ranpak has introduced its suite of Pack-inStore solutions, paper-based packing systems that integrate easily into any retailer’s current setup, offering a cost-efficient, simple packing process and a small physical footprint. Depending on the size of the establishment and the amount of in-store packing required, retailers can choose from four different solutions.

All four packaging choices are now available across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.