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January 2021

In the January 2021 issue of Speciality Food, we discover how health-conscious consumers can be a boon to fine food retailers, and let you in on the ideal formula for cashing in on the rising ranks of vegan shoppers. You’ll also find tips and tricks for starting the new year on the right foot, from revamping in-store displays to testing the waters of the ‘new normal’ with virtual events.

  • Discover top food trends for 2021
  • Explore new opportunities for retail expansion
  • Access expert insights on the growing vegan market
Inspirational Cheese Retailers 2021

Introducing Inspirational Cheese Retailers, a publication from the team behind Speciality Food telling the stories of 20 cheesemongers that proved their resilience and agility on the front lines of the artisan cheese industry this year.

  • • Stories of exemplary support of the farmhouse cheese sector
  • • Innovative pivots into online events, digital retail and sustainable initiatives
  • • Inspiring accounts of community spirit-boosting in bricks-and-mortar and beyond

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