• Retail: More Help To Go Green

    15 August 2007 News
    The Government is planning to cut the red tape surrounding eco-friendly devices so that businesses can put greater efforts into going green.
  • Business: Fraud On The Up

    14 August 2007 News
    Low risk of prosecution is contributing to an increase in business fraud, it has been claimed.
  • No Time For Eating

    13 August 2007 News
    With time at a premium, eating habits are changing dramatically, as a new report from Datamonitor reveals
  • Retail: Get Help To Buy Local

    13 August 2007 News
    A local storm is building in the midlands as Nottinghamshire entrepreneur, Wendy Baird, works to help more independent retailers and caterers to buy local in a bid to build their business, satisfy their customers and do their bit to protect the environment.
  • Are You A Cheese Champion?

    13 August 2007 News
    The Fine Cheese Co, sponsors of the 'Best New Deli Award' at The British Cheese Awards is inviting retailers to enter their farm shop, delicatessen or cheese shop for this award that recognises dedication and excellence in the promotion of British cheese.
  • Retail: Supermarket Sales Slow Down

    10 August 2007 News
    Growth in the grocery sector has slowed down further as interest rates increase and wet weather continues to dampen consumer spirits.
  • Consumers: You Can’t Scare Us!

    10 August 2007 News
    UK consumers are increasingly turned off by food scares and product recalls - with almost 70% of shoppers saying they are hardly aware of national product alerts and fewer than 20% trusting the manufacturer or retailer to give them accurate information, a new nationwide survey reveals.
  • Launch: Slow Food Comes To Cheshire

    08 August 2007 News
    A group of six Cheshire food lovers have joined forces to fight for the county’s culinary heritage - and against fast food and over processed food.
  • Retail: Shops Concerned About F&m

    07 August 2007 News
    Following confirmation of a second case of foot and mouth disease in Surrey, retailers are becoming increasingly worried about supplies of fresh meat.
  • Foot And Mouth Puts Farmers In Crisis

    06 August 2007 News
    With this latest outbreak, farmers look set to face a bill for tens of millions of pounds as international bans are imposed on British produce after two cows in Surrey tested positive for foot and mouth disease.
  • Retail: Slow Summer For Shops

    01 August 2007 News
    Retailers' hopes for a strong summer have so far failed to materialise, according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).
  • Retail: Waitrose Attacks Whole Foods

    30 July 2007 News
    US chain Whole Foods Market is to be investigated by trading standards officials after a complaint was lodged by Waitrose, reported the Sunday Times.
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