• Packaging: Waste Not, Want Not

    16 February 2007 News
    The Women's Institute (WI) is to continue its campaign against excess packaging.
  • Retail: Save Our Small Shops

    15 February 2007 News
    As the plight of the independent retail sector hots up, the battle is on to save small shops on Scotland's high streets.
  • Retail: Shoplifting Proposals Slammed

    15 February 2007 News
    Plans to let first-time shoplifters off with simply saying ‘sorry' are being attacked by retailers who fear the Home Office is preparing to go even softer on criminals who target shops.
  • Suppliers: Greater Support In The East

    15 February 2007 News
    2007 is a year for new beginnings for Tastes of Anglia (TOA), the regional food and drink marketing group, with a new CEO and exciting plans ahead, the region looks set to benefit from increased support.
  • Welfare: New Rspca Adverts Plan To Shock

    14 February 2007 News
    Hard-hitting new adverts that show images of laying hens kept in wire battery cages have been rolled out by the RSPCA to convince shoppers not to buy eggs from caged hens.
  • Trends: The Future Of Food In Focus

    14 February 2007 News
    In its latest report, AC Neilsen examines the future of the food industry and looks at what will be hot in the coming years.
  • Trend: Fair Trade Coffee Sales Heat Up

    13 February 2007 News
    With the approach of Fairtrade Fortnight 2007 (February 26th – March 11th), a new trend continues to brew as more and more businesses and catering establishments are choosing fair trade hot drinks.
  • Retail: Purple Love Boosts Sales

    13 February 2007 News
    With Purple Love Week (10th to 17th Feb) well under way, independent retailers across the country are showing their strength in the most colourful ways.
  • Export: British Meat Makes Its Mark

    12 February 2007 News
    Exports of British meat and livestock products have crashed through the £1 billion barrier for the first time in more than ten years.
  • Retail: Award Winning Retailers Revealed

    09 February 2007 News
    The winners of this year's UK Best Rural Retailers competition, organised by the Countryside Alliance, were revealed during a recent ceremony in London.
  • Farmers: Time To Diversify

    08 February 2007 News
    Farm businesses should take a fresh look at diversification opportunities in order to expand, says Sir Don Curry.
  • Environment: Be A Lightweight

    08 February 2007 News
    Retailers and brand owners could reduce carbon emissions by as much as 48,000 tonnes by 2009 if they use lightweight glass containers.
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