• Brexit Fears Cause Confidence Dip Within Food Industry While Sales Increase

    12 October 2016 Brexit
    Confidence is dwindling within the food and drink industry (the largest manufacturing sector in the UK) following the Brexit vote, a survey of Food and Drink Federation (FDF) members reveals
  • Farming Unions Unite Post-Brexit

    03 August 2016 Brexit
    The farming unions of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will work together to strengthen the future of the farming industry post-Brexit
  • Post-Brexit Support for British PFNs

    08 July 2016 Brexit
    Elizabeth Truss has told MPs that she hopes to introduce a “Protected British food name status” in place of the current EU scheme
  • UK Protected Foods At Risk

    28 June 2016 Brexit
    British foods with PDO or PGI accreditations may lose their jurisdiction within the UK as a result of Britain deciding to leave the EU
  • Britain Chooses Brexit: Industry Reacts

    24 June 2016 Brexit
    So Britain voted for Brexit, but the arguments over what comes next for our industry and economy are just beginning...
  • Brexit vs Food Retail Employment

    16 June 2016 Brexit
    What impact may there be on the food retail employment sector if Britain exits the EU? Shahzad Ali, CEO of YapJobs shares his thoughts
  • Brexit: Are You In Or Out?

    17 May 2016 Brexit
    It's unsurprising that the EU referendum is a hot topic at the moment, not least in the food industry, as we not only import food from elsewhere in Europe but also employ staff from across the EU community
  • British PDO Foods at Risk

    22 April 2016 Brexit
    A campaign has been set up to protect British foods with PDO and PGI status from negative effects as a result of the ongoing agreements with the USA and Canada
  • What will a ‘Brexit’ mean for us?

    16 March 2016 Brexit
    In June, the British public will decide whether to stay within the European Union or go it alone. 'Brexit'-centric stories have been all over the media in recent weeks, with some MPs choosing independence from the EU while others gear up to govern an autonomous Britain,…
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