27 March 2015, 09:25 AM
  • We've rounded up the best ways to make your farm shop or deli an Easter holiday destination
5 Tips for Making £ at Easter

1. Use banners to flag up Easter products
Let them know it’s Easter. Draw attention to your produce with colourful signage

2. Promote foods for Easter roasts
Display lamb alongside seasonal veg, artisan condiments and local beverages

3. Offering Easter tasters encourages double purchases
Partner complementary items such as cheese and biscuits, ham and chutney, hot cross buns and artisan butter

4. Sell original Easter gifts - artisanal chocs, confectionery and egg-centric products
Become the place to pick up gifts. Offer your own selections in Easter-themed cartons

5. Market yourself as an Easter destination
Spread the word via e-shots, mail and social media right up to Easter Monday

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