12 November 2015, 15:00 PM
  • Aaron Linch, director of The Food Company shares his hamper-selling advice
5 Top Tips for Selling Hampers

Hampers are a huge seller for us at Christmas because they provide the perfect combination of convenience and indulgence. Our customers can avoid last posting dates and long lines at the Post Office with our overnight courier service, and be assured of top quality produce as we never compromise our commitment to using the best products around.

1 Display prominently in your retail space to ensure your customers get the WOW factor. 

2 Invest in good photography. A great photographer will know his way around a hamper and its contents and produce stylish images for you. The better your images, the more chance you have of press helping you with your marketing. There is a definite art to photographing static pack shots, so choose a creative with experience of this and you’ll get far more done in a short space of time. 

3 If you’re packing your hampers with seasonal items, be sure and have plenty of stock. By the time the last minute purchasers have decided their only option is to get someone a hamper, your suppliers could be out of stock and your hamper obsolete.

4 The flip side of not having sufficient stock is too much. To avoid too many issues of this nature, try building a hamper from your regular stock with just a couple of seasonal additions.

5 Large orders are great, but consider where you’ll build them and try and have this close to where you are going to store the dedicated hamper stock. Time is money – plan ahead and cut down the amount of time it takes you to facilitate each order.

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