Crisp Company Voted Best British Brand

25 January 2013, 09:24 AM
  • A Lincolnshire-based crisp maker has been voted as the best crisps or snacks brand in the UK
Crisp Company Voted Best British Brand

Pipers Crisps was voted the best by retailers themselves, and the awards celebrate the most successful speciality food and drink products on sale in delis, farm shops and food halls.

Alex Albone, managing director of Pipers Crisps, said, “Despite the recession we’ve had an excellent 12 months, growing our sales by 31% over the previous year. It’s been a particularly busy time for us. At the start of the year we updated our brand to more accurately reflect our core values and send a clearer message to our customers. We also designed new, eye-catching packaging which has been very well received by retailers.

“Finally, towards the end of the year, we introduced our new Chorizo flavour which is already selling well. We’re very proud to have won the Best Brand accolade – it shows that we’re working hard doing the right things, which is really valued by our customers.

“We put our success down to a couple of key factors. First, we won’t sell our crisps through the major supermarket chains which ensures our independent retailers can offer a real point of difference at a sensible margin. And second, we make our own crisps in our own production facility. Surprisingly, a few brands do not actually make their own crisps and for us this is an important difference. It shows we know what we’re doing and that we’re passionate about taste, product quality, freshness and shelf life – vital ingredients for success.”

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