25 May 2017, 06:45 AM
  • Hannah Marriage, director at Chelmsford-based millers Marriage's, shares her advice on the types of flour your customers may be on the lookout for
Stocking Flour: What to Look For

Stoneground wholemeal flour: Flour milled in the old-fashioned, slower way on traditional mill stones, which gives a distinctive nutty flavour and more rounded bran texture.

Organic flour: Denotes the farming system used to grow the wheat.

Very strong Canadian flour: Milled from the very strong Canadian Red Wheat, which is renowned worldwide for quality in bread, pasta and pizza making. These flours are very forgiving - ideal when starting out making bread at home, due to the high quantity/quality of gluten in Canadian wheat.

TIP: Consumers can also look at the nutritional information on the side of a pack of flour, such as the protein content for bread-making flour. However, this should only be used as a guide due to variations in on pack information.

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