20 February 2007, 19:59 PM
  • The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has sought to reassure consumers that poultry products from the UK are safe to eat in the wake of the recent high profile health scare regarding an outbreak of bird flu.

Basing its statements on what it called the “most up-to-date” and “most independent” scientific research and advice available, the FSA maintained its position of viewing British-made poultry as of no danger to public health. Meat and eggs are each deemed to be as safe to eat as they were prior to this month’s outbreak on a farm in East Anglia and this will remain the case unless evidence to the contrary is found, the FSA’s veterinary director Alick Simmons’ explained on the BBC Radio Four’s Farming programme.

“We are confident that the advice we have got now is up-to-date and relevant,” said Mr Simmons. “None of the events of the last two weeks changes the agency’s advice about poultry meat or other poultry products,” he added.

The British Poultry Council insists that in recent years its “strict” controls over hygiene standards have been successful in reducing health scares within the industry’s supply chain.