18 June 2012, 10:25 AM
  • British chocolatier Hotel Chocolat has opened its first store in mainland Europe
Hotel Chocolat Expands Outside Britain

The shop, located on Heiligeweg Street in Amsterdam, Holland, also contains a cocoa and coffee bar, serving espresso, latte or cappuccino brewed with either coffee or cocoa beans.

Angus Thirlwell, CEO of Hotel Chocolat, said, “I am incredibly excited about our European plans. The Dutch market is very similar to the British and so I feel we’ll fit in perfectly.”

The opening comes after the company was placed fourth in the top ten most advocated brands in the world, and was named as the most respected chocolate business.

Apart from its 65 shops across the UK, the Amsterdam store will join the two branches in the US, as well as the company’s Saint Lucia hotel, the Rabot Estate.