How to Sell: San Daniele Prosciutto

02 November 2016, 06:57 AM
  • Daniela Celledoni of Consorzio del Prosciutto di San Daniele shares some tips on how to sell the traditional Italian delicacy
How to Sell: San Daniele Prosciutto

• San Daniele can be supplied whole on the bone as a whole leg, which can be sliced with a knife and be deboned by the retailer. The easiest way to slice is using a slicing machine on a deboned leg.

• A tradition of San Daniele prosciutto is to include the trotter on the leg which makes it different to Prosciutto di Parma, but the deboned San Daniele prosciutto has had the bone and trotter removed for ease of use on the slicing machine.

• The leg can also be provided in three of four sections, all of which must carry the identification mark, or they can be supplied pre-sliced and contained in a modified atmosphere pack.

Daniela’s serving suggestions:

One of the best ways to serve San Daniele prosciutto is with bread and other gently-flavoured foods in order to not overpower its delicate taste. It goes very well with fruits such as melon, fresh figs, apple and pineapple, and with salads. A chef once told me that it goes well with all yellow fruits.

White wines work best, especially those with an acid base such as sauvignon, pinot and a local wine called friulana, prosecco and rosé. Reds are a bit harder to match as it won’t work with anything that’s too strong or aged. It pairs well with a light pinot noir or merlot.

A traditional way to serve it is in a pasta sauce with fresh prosciutto on top. There are a lot of recipes which include lightly cooked San Daniele prosciutto, but it’s worth bearing in mind that by cooking it you lose the tenderness and the flavour becomes much more intense. The basic principle is to not pair it with strong tastes – no vinegar or pickles, for example.

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