Hummingbird Bakery Launches Mobile Unit

23 July 2012, 11:06 AM
  • A London-based bakery has expanded its business with the introduction of a mobile bakery unit
Hummingbird Bakery Launches Mobile Unit

The Hummingbird Bakery, which specialises in cupcakes and American desserts, launched the new mobile bakery to tour the UK over the summer.

It has the production capacity of over 25,000 cupcakes and kitchen facilities for on-board baking, and will be visiting a number of festivals across the UK.

Tarek Malouf, founder of the bakery, said, “We’ve always taken pride in serving cakes that are freshly baked on-site at each of our branches and we wanted to continue this practice when taking The Hummingbird Bakery mobile. In rising to this challenge we’ve created what is probably one of the world’s first fully functioning mobile cake bakeries.

“The mobile bakery is already receiving a very warm reception at festivals. People seem to really appreciate the novelty of being able to enjoy freshly baked cupcakes and proper coffee while standing in a field. It is also proving to be a fantastic way of introducing new audiences to our style of American baking,” he added.

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