25 March 2013, 10:33 AM
  • Food produced in the UK is now the most important factor for British consumers, according to new research from Mintel
Locally-Produced Food Key Factor for Consumers

A survey carried out by the retail analyst found over a third said that food being British is the most important factor when out shopping, and 21% said local origin is also significant.

However, only 14% said they were concerned about traceability when buying food.

Amy Price, senior food and drink analyst at Mintel, said: “The importance of food being British has leapt in popularity in the wake of the horse meat scandal. The food industry is likely to feel the effects for some time, with consumers taking a greater interest in British and local origin and a more proactive stance on questioning the provenance of their food. The horse meat scandal has re-affirmed consumers’ faith in the quality of British produce.

“Even in the aftermath of the horse meat scare, traceability as a key choice factor is far behind, for example, British origin. This indicates that British origin is seen by consumers to provide the most effective shortcut to reassurance when considering various food issues.

“Focusing on promoting transparency to consumers, either through proving British sourcing using logos such as Red Tractor or through placing greater emphasis on traceability, as well as communicating steps that are being taken to shorten or tighten the supply chain would likely resonate with consumers in the current climate, helping to build credibility and restore trust among consumers.”

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