Paxton & Whitfield: 7 cheese pairings you need to know

23 March 2018, 03:02 AM
  • From the classics to the newer varieties, Jeremy Bowen of Paxton & Whitfield shares his need-to-know cheese pairings
Paxton & Whitfield: 7 cheese pairings you need to know


Tawny Port and Stilton: This is a classic match for everyone to enjoy at Christmas. We’ve been savouring this perfect partnership for centuries, and quite rightly so. But, just to add a curve ball into this, enjoy a chilled (not cold) Tawny Port with a slice of Paxton & Whitfield’s Cave Aged Cheddar. It’s a delicious combination for a simple summer supper.

Goat’s Cheese and Charcoal Crackers: Another classic pairing. Add a little sweetness to this by using some of Paxton & Whitfield’s Caramelised Onion Chutney. This can be used as a simple and striking canapé.

A Farmhouse Cheddar with a good chutney: What more could you ask for on a summer’s day than a delicious hearty slice of a Montgomery’s Cheddar and some of Paxton & Whitfield’s No 93 Ale Chutney, A rich and tangy chutney made with Bramley apples, plums and Paxton’s very own English real ale.


Sherry with cheese: Sherry is traditionally matched with jamón, dried almonds or other tapas – depending on the Sherry’s flavour profiles. If you have an Amontillado, accompany it with thin shavings of Berkswell, a ewes’ milk cheese from the Midlands. Alternatively you can pair the sherry to some artisan cheese biscuits, like Paxton & Whitfield’s Shropshire Blue & Sweet Onion Cheese Squares.

Rum and cheese: A new pairing, and current favourite, is Cornish Kalkar Rum, a distilled rum, blended with single-origin cold coffee brew, matched to Goddess, a semi-washed rind cheese made from Guernsey cow’s milk. It is a great combination.


Parmesan, Sauerkraut and Vino Verde: Fermented foods are ‘on trend’ for 2018. Classic sauerkraut matched to a good Parmigiano Reggiano and a glass of crisp Vinho Verde. A cracking combination.

Sake and a Territorial: Drinking sake is becoming more popular in the UK and Paxton & Whitfield has recently carried out cheese and sake tastings for distributors in London. A superb match for Jeremy is sake, at room temperature, with Appleby’s Cheshire. Both of the subtle flavour profiles of the wine and the cheese really complement each other.

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