22 March 2007, 15:38 PM
  • Independent retailers would do well to increase the amount of organic products they stock, due to new research that highlights the growth of the sector.

As IFE07, the Soil Association predicted every household will buy organic products in the next ten years, reporting that currently, 70% of households buy an organic product as part of their shopping.

Jim Twine, commercial director for the Soil Association argued that the organic market has lost its “geek” image and has become more a part of the mainstream market. He also highlighted a new initiative at the show, which would introduce levels of certification so independent retailers can carry the trusted stamp and consumers can recognise which food has been appropriately grown.

Mr Twine said, “Looking ahead in ten years I can see key products that every household will buy being organic. Big changes in educating people at an early age with the right messages about food is crucial and putting food back on the curriculum is part of that.”