05 March 2014, 15:28 PM
  • The ethical chocolate brand has rebranded their designs to 'reflect the magic, creativity and passionate personality of the brand'. In line with the new look a strapline has been created: 'Kaleidoscopic moments of pleasure'
Seed and Bean Unveil New Look

Derek Johnston of Family (and friends) said, 
“It was a perfect brief for us – a product with such good qualities and brand owners with such passion – but with packaging that lacked the visual and verbal tools to be its best salesperson. Our job is to get people to really take notice of Seed and Bean; to get them to understand the brands ‘special difference’ at point of purchase.

“Family (and friends) helped the highly ethical and much loved brand more clearly identify its special differences – namely it’s unique flavour combinations and true passion for experimentation with natural ingredients. With a plethora of other artisan and craft chocolate brands out there, it was important to find a bold and different path – nothing twee or handmade in approach. A hand drawn logo featuring stems, shoots and buds brings to life the brand’s pure organic credentials.”

In line with the business’s constant taste evolution, three new bars have been launched alongside the new look. Cornish Sea Salt & West Indian Lime Milk Chocolate 37%, Ginger Dark 58%, and Raspberry & Vanilla Creamy White 30% are now available for stocking. 

Steve Rudkin Founder of Seed and Bean said, “At Seed and Bean we believe in courageous chocolate. We spend hours in our kitchen mixing flavours from nature to transform the simplicity of a pure cocoa bean into what we like to call kaleidoscopic moments of pleasure; some will be easy on the palette, some will be quite unusual, others will rocket your taste buds, but whatever takes your fancy we promise that chocolate will never be a dull experience again! And to double your pleasure we are proud to say that Seed and Bean uses organic ingredients, supports Fair Trade farming and transport, and pioneers biodegradable packaging, whilst working as hard as we can to nurture good agricultural and artisan practices.”

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