08 June 2017, 04:38 AM
  • You've got your range down to a tee, but how do you ensure your snacks fly off the shelves? Here, Eve Reid, director of visual merchandising specialists Metamorphosis, shares her expertise
Selling Snacks: Dos and Don’ts


• Place the product in the right spot and think about the customer’s journey. For example, till points can be great for impulse purchases

• Be clear on what you’re trying to sell - sometimes less is more. Ensure you choose the right product for the right time, as what we choose to eat in the morning is very different to what we’d choose in the afternoon

• Communicate clearly. Are there any key selling features the product has that you could share with your customers? Is it at a great price point? Is it gluten-free?

• Think beyond the product - think creatively with regards tot he fixtures and fittings you choose to merchandise the snacks within

• Position them throughout the store. Are there ways in which you can cross-merchandise the snacks next tot heir ‘perfect partners’? Are there any sitting duck areas that people naturally spend a little more time?


• Simply place products in order to fill gaps. It’s a sensible starting point, but the items every product is presented with are dependent on your customers’ needs and your specialties

• Forget to think commercially. Social media can provide valuable links with your competition, local events, customers and trends, as well as provide extra traffic to your website

• Be disgruntled if some items don’t sell. There may have been a reason you chose to sell it, and with food it’s all down to taste. Open a bag and let people try before they buy

• Get stuck in a rut. Variety is the spice of life… so create some! Change your products around regularly to refresh your offering

• Forget to ‘face the customer’ - it sounds odd, but sometimes products are missed because they just aren’t on our radar

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