25 October 2017, 04:50 AM
  • Fine food ordering service The Fine Food Angel has rolled out new online catalogue and purchasing system features aimed at helping independent retailers source products more easily and cost effectively
The Fine Food Angel rolls out new online ordering features

A key new feature is the reduction in the number of invoices received to just one per month irrespective of the number of orders placed. The company states that it is a feature that has been welcomed by retailers, including Charlie’s Farm Shop in Pulborough. The shop owners said, “Our experience with The Fine Food Angel has proved very positive and is a great way for us to access new products for our farm shop without the inconvenience of setting up individual accounts for each one. The website is very user friendly, we can order at any time and we only have to deal with 12 invoices a year, no matter how many times we order.”

Another function of the new ordering system is the implementation of a simpler sample request process. A recently-added ‘Small Order’ feature enables retailers to order less items in one go, which they company states is useful for smaller retailers and for those that wish to trial a product without taking on too large an upfront commitment.

Since launching at the start of 2017, the company has seen strong growth, with its online catalogue now featuring over 1,900 products from artisan producers across the UK.

David Mack, director of The Fine Food Angel said, “It’s been great to see the catalogue expand so rapidly in the nine months since we launched. I’m particularly pleased to see so many products that are not available in any of the large wholesalers, as it gives our retailers a unique offering that helps them stand out.”

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