Rod & Ben’s

Rod & Ben’s unveils three perfectly-proportioned puds. Although Rod & Ben’s organic mindset means looking after the wider environment, they also don’t like the grass growing under their feet.

Having made their mark in broths, stew-in-pots, dips, sauces, spreads and vegetable bouillon, it was only a matter of time before the boys considered ‘something special’ at the end of the meal, especially considering delicious organic offerings are a little light on the ground if you’re not a yoghurt obsessive.

Winters are naturally manic and dominated by wholesome broths and stews, and yet, the success of Roddy’s dips and spreads suggested that there was untapped potential during the sunnier months.

Staying true to their honest, tasty and organic mantra, Rod & Ben’s is proud to unveil three perfectly proportioned puds: a tangy Lemon Posset, a Lemon Posset with Berry topping and a magnificently mischievous Choc Pot, all using only the West Country’s finest double cream.

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  • Lemon Posset
  • Lemon Posset with Berry
  • Choc Pot
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