TG Green Tea

NEW Tg! Drinkup to a healthier you.

Inspired by ancient wellness traditions of the Middle Kingdom, designed and bottled in Britain.

Brewed using real green tea leaves with a meaningful sprinkling of ginseng in every bottle, Tg is the perfect pick me up at mealtime or while on-the-go.

Other naturally good-for-you ingredients – many familiar, a few excitingly new (to us) – are blended in to create deliciously refreshing infusions.

Your consumers will love the great taste of iced Tg - surprisingly low in sugar and only 30 calories per bottle! Squash & energy drink lovers will happily switch to Tg Green Tea with Mandarin. Beauty drink seekers will cherish Tg Green Tea with Jujube.

This is no new-age plant water. This is iced tea as how it should be and nothing like you’ve tried before!

Tg teas are available in cases of 12 x 330ml bottles and have an RRP of £1.69 per bottle.

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  • Available in cases of 12 x 330ml bottles and have an RRP of £1.69 per bottle.
  • Tg Green Tea with Mandarin
  • Tg Green Tea with Jujube
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