The BBQ Range

With iconic brands and authentic flavours from America, Italy, France and Thailand, BBQ’s need never be boring again.


Colgin is a range of all-natural liquid smokes with no additives or preservatives, which instantly add a natural smokey flavour to food, enabling cooks to create an outdoor ‘al fresco’ flavour any time of year.

Perfect for brushing on steaks, chicken or burgers and excellent for seasoning soups, sauces or stews.


All of Thai Taste’s sauces are made using natural, premium, fresh ingredients, and contain no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or hydrogenated fats, making them ideal for marinating meats, fish and vegetable skewers or used as dipping sauce.  Our sauces are versatile and can be used in salad dress and paste too.


Discover World Harbors Sauces and embark on a global flavour adventure for your family and friends. This range of sauces allows you to discover the most iconic flavours of Japan and China without leaving your home.


Turci’s tasty BBQ sauces, in their 140ml spray bottles are perfect for deliciously seasoning meals with just the right amount of flavour and provide great value for money with over 700 sprays per bottle.
Unlike most sauces, one spray contains less than three calories, with no compromise flavour!  Perfect for marinades or grills, shoppers will be seduced by the 4 tasty flavours: BBQ Original, Spicy, Smoked and Veggie, all GMO free.


Stubb’s legendary Bar-B-Q, America’s #1 premium bar-b-q sauce and marinade brand, started in Texas in 1968 when C.B. “Stubb” Stubblefield opened his first restaurant.

Stubb’s continues to take inspiration from his original recipes, made with quality, gluten-free ingredients, and every bottle is made with Stubb’s secret ingredient, Love and Happiness™.


Delouis is a leading French manufacturer of mustards, vinaigrettes and mayonnaise. The brand is led by two fundamental principles: innovation and respect of French gastronomic traditions.

This all natural range contains no artificial preservatives or flavours. The mayonnaises are made to authentic French recipes with no added water and taste as good as homemade.


Jardine’s Foods has been producing premium quality foods with South-western flavours since 1979. Jardine’s offers a range of award-winning sauces and chilli mixes for all of your barbecuing needs.


BRIANNAS is a family owned company founded over 25 years ago that produces delicious gourmet dressings that continue to grow in popularity among consumers who value food products made with premium ingredients. The dressings do not contain trans-fat or high fructose corn syrup.  Made in USA.


“La Moutarderie Fallot” has been established since 1840 and produces their premium mustards in the last independent and family-run mustard mill in Beaune, Burgundy, where they also have a museum dedicated to mustard-making!

The company have managed to keep all their expertise as craft mustard-makers, combining tradition with contemporary methods.


French’s® Classic Yellow Mustard is an all-natural, high quality, mild yellow mustard, made with #1 grade gourmet stone-ground whole mustard seeds and is the number one mustard brand in the world.

Its great taste and iconic yellow squeezy bottle have also made it the most popular American mustard brand in the UK.

French’s trio of deep-south inspired BBQ Sauces and Relishes are great for burgers, hot dogs and dips, with no artificial sweeteners.


The great taste of Frank’s® RedHot® was made famous after the secret ingredient of the original Buffalo wings was revealed.  The buffalo wing recipe (which is still used today) was created in Buffalo, New York in 1964.

Frank’s® RedHot® is the fastest-growing hot sauce brand in the UK and is the perfect accompaniment to any food, from pizza to cheese on toast.  It goes on everything!

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