5 best-selling cheeses with Vaik Lucas, The CheeseWorks

15 May 2023, 09:10 AM
  • Vaik Lucas, store manager at The CheeseWorks, reveals his five best-selling cheeses and why they’re so popular
5 best-selling cheeses with Vaik Lucas, The CheeseWorks

The common factor for these top five cheeses is their high quality and affordable price. These cheeses are classics and are recommended as a strong base for any cheeseboard. Classic Stilton, creamy Gorgonzola, the king of Bries, a sweet and nutty alpine cheese and a Cheddar-style. They are complex, layered cheeses and huge crowd-pleasers for a reason!

1 Colston Bassett offers incredibleflavours on the palate with a buttery/melt-in-the-mouth texture. It is a medium-strength blue for those who don’t like stronger blues. This is a famous Stilton, and it is no surprise to see it at the top.

2 Brie de Meaux is the king of all Bries. A heart-warming cheese with mushroomy, earthy flavours and vegetable undertones under the rind. It is runny in texture but never runs away. It is flavourful but not overpowering. I think that the staff’s love for this classic cheese plays a part in the ranking it has in the shop. When it is looked after well, it can suit any taste buds and impress any crowd.

3 Mountain Gorgonzola is without a doubt our most tempting and alluring cheese, as we serve it by spooning it straight into a tub. This is a mouth- watering experience to watch, as it demonstrates the cheese’s gooey, oozy texture which few can resist.

4 Schlossberger should be a more known cheese. It is a Gruyère-style cheese made in the Emmental Valley in Switzerland. Our Schlossberger is aged for 23 months and has a silky texture with a fruity, nutty taste and beautiful crunchy calcium lactate crystals. When you’ve tried it once, you won’t forget the name Schlossberger!

5 Worcestershire Hop has consistently been in our top five best-sellers for years. It is a semi-hard Cheddar-style cheese that is rolled in toasted hops. The hops give it a savoury, yeasty flavour which contrasts well with the natural sweetness of the cheese.

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