5 cheese pairing ideas with Simon Warren, The East Street Deli

30 May 2023, 08:17 AM
  • Simon Warren, owner of The East Street Deli, shares what's on his dream cheeseboard, and some top pairing ideas with Speciality Food readers
5 cheese pairing ideas with Simon Warren, The East Street Deli

What’s on your dream cheeseboard?
It’s the ultimate question to ask someone that spends their day talking about, tasting and selling cheese and my choices change on an almost daily basis, but I don’t think you’d go wrong with the following: a good old Cheddar such as Westcombe would be a solid start as would a rich and creamy Isle of Wight Blue. 

We love the English Pecorino from Whitelake cheeses and I think I’d be looking for a local cheese like Old Winchester. For a soft I’d go for the decadent French Delice de Bourgogne.

What’s your all-time favourite cheese pairing?
It’s a bit of a classic but Manchego and membrillo is always a winner. If we’re looking for a bit of a treat then truffle honey and gorgonzola will always hit the spot!

Any unusual pairings you’d recommend?
One of this years most popular products to hit our shelves at The East Street Deli has been WilderBehot honey and we’d recommend this with virtually any cheese.  We can’t get enough of it drizzled over some melted Kaltbach on a muffin for a little snack.

What do you love to drink with cheese?
The classic choice is always going to be wine and we’re lucky enough to have one of the best sparkling wine producers on our doorstep in Langham Wine Estate, so we’d pair their Culver Classic Cuvée with the beautiful Baron Bigod brie.

We’re also spoilt for choice with some great local brewers and none better than Wimborne neighbours, Eight Arch. We’d pair their award winning Square Logic Pale Ale with a classic Cheddar like Westcombe or Montgomerys.

What must-have cheese kit would you recommend?
Wrapping the cheese in good quality wax paper maintains it’s quality and makes sure it’s as fresh as the day it left the deli! Serving it on a well-made, wooden board also seems to help. If it looks good, it’s going to taste good!

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