5 cheese pairing ideas from Stephen Fleming, George and Joseph

04 July 2022, 08:56 AM
  • Stephen Fleming, owner of George and Joseph, shares his top cheese pairing tips with Speciality Food readers
5 cheese pairing ideas from Stephen Fleming, George and Joseph

What’s on your dream cheeseboard?
Dorstone, Baron Bigod, Kirkham’s Lancashire, Comte, Yorkshire Pecorino. I could go on but I’ll stop myself there!

What’s your all-time favourite cheese pairing?
I’d go with a slice of fruit cake with some Kirkham’s Lancashire, it’s fantastic at Christmas (yes I know it’s July!).

Any unusual pairings you’d recommend?
We once did a pairing event with a local coffee shop, and we loved pairing Reypenaer VSOP Gouda with espresso. The caramel notes of the cheese really sat well with the coffee.

I also love Single Variety Fireflame Chilli Jam with Baron Bigod – the sweetness of the jam counterbalances so well with the bitter notes of the cheese, and there’s just enough heat to not overwhelm everything.

What do you love to drink with cheese?
I’ve been learning a lot more about wine and cheese pairing – and how much better white wines go with cheese than reds.  I’d plump for a Sancerre, or a white Burgundy. 

If I’m feeling decadent, then a nice glass of PX sherry rounds things off nicely too and goes brilliantly with blue cheeses.

What must-have cheese kit would you recommend?
I love my little hatchet cheese knives – I can’t recall where they came from (I’ve got a couple of them) but they’re just the right size in my hand and everyone always makes envious comments when I put them on the table.

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