16 March 2023, 10:08 AM
  • Laura Bradley, director at Indie Fude, shares how fine food retailers can share the beauty of Irish fare this St Patrick's Day weekend
Celebrating St Patrick’s Day with Laura Bradley, Indie Fude

How are you celebrating St Patrick’s Day at Indie Fude?
Irish produce is a huge part of every day at Indie Füde - but an occasion like St Patrick’s Day really allows us to shout a little louder about how exceptional the produce of the island of Ireland is. We will be offering tastings in-store of some of our favourite cheese – and posting on our social media to try to and push the message further afield too!

How are independent fine food retailers well-placed to offer something special for St Patrick’s Day?
Independent fine food retailers are in an excellent place to do something a little bit special for St Patrick’s Day. They are uniquely placed to build relationships with the plethora of small producers we have in Ireland – and showcase these to their loyal customer base. The relationships we are able to build as independent retailers is a huge part of our point of difference.

How can non-Irish indies get involved in St Patrick’s Day and encourage their customers to try Irish fare?
St Patrick’s Day has been adopted almost worldwide at this point – with the love of the Irish a well know phenomenon! I think this makes it easy to make a special feature of our produce, be that on St Patrick’s Day or not. That coupled with the green pastures and talented makers it shouldn’t be a challenge to engage customers with the tasty goods!

What are some local producers that you support at Indie Fude and recommend other indies to stock?

Corndale Charcuterie, Limavady – Alistair and his team at Corndale are really talented charcuterie makers, who are always innovating! Their new Buffalo Bresaola is particularly spectacular.

Harry’s Nut Butter, Dublin – Harry’s range of nut butters are almost impossible to keep on the shop shelves. From the fun and bright branding to the out of the ordinary flavours!

Ballylisk, Armagh – The family at Ballylisk have been making waves as the first farmhouse cheese in Northern Ireland for over a decade. A stunning range of indulgent triple cream and brie style cheese.