Top selling British cheeses in cheesemongers across the country

28 September 2022, 15:04 PM
  • Four cheesemongers from around the UK reveal their most popular British cheeses
Top selling British cheeses in cheesemongers across the country

Owen Davies, managing director of Ty Caws in Cardiff
Our top-selling British Cheeses include Hafod Organic Cheddar, Gorwydd Caerphilly, Baron Bigod, Trefaldwyn Blue, English Pecorino, Rosary and Sinodun Hill goats’ cheeses.

Stephen Fleming, owner of George and Joseph in Leeds
Our top-selling British Cheeses include Baron Bigod, Tunworth, Dorstone, Colston Bassett, Kirkham’s Lancashire and Dale End Cheddar – they taste amazing.

Jen Grimstone-Jones, co-owner of Cheese Etc., The Pangbourne Cheese Shop in Reading
Barkham Blue is probably our best-selling blue, with Colston Bassett Blue Stilton PDO coming a very close second. Baron Bigod easily outsells our French Brie, and we sell 11 different types of Cheddar because it is the style of cheese that people ask for the most.

Julie Oxley-Hoyle, manager at Lewis & Cooper in Northallerton
Our British best sellers in the winter period are Hawes Traditional Wensleydale, Snowdonia Black Bomber, Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton and Shepherds Purse Yorkshire Blue.

Also championing Great British cheeses, the Big Cheese Weekender aims to raise awareness of the wonders of cheese, and help shoppers connect with their local cheesemakers and mongers.

Founded in 2020 by The Academy of Cheese‘s Tracey Colley, this year’s event will showcase some of the UK and Europe’s best cheese industry experts with a series of free, online events, including cheese tastings, masterclasses, chefs’ demos and dairy tours starting from 3.30 pm on Friday the 7th of October.

Find out more here.

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