How to spice up your Italian food offering

21 December 2021, 07:03 AM
  • Do consumers want innovation in their pizzas and pastas, or do they prefer classic flavours?
How to spice up your Italian food offering

Italian cuisine is synonymous with tradition. The very best recipes are widely known, but their intricacies are carefully guarded secrets, passed down through countless generations, from one nonna to the next. 

You certainly can’t beat the classics – I for one will never tire of a Margherita pizza or a simple yet stunning cacio e pepe – and nothing can beat a Caprese salad made with the finest Mozzarella, the freshest tomatoes and basil and a drizzle of top-quality, authentic olive oil. Often, the simplest recipes are the best – they are classic dishes for a reason, after all. 

In today’s innovation-obsessed world, where new brands are always emerging to fill a gap in the market and fresh-eyed entrepreneurs are always seeking out new foodie problems to solve, is it best just to leave well enough alone when it comes to Italian fare?

At Speciality Food, we believe that traditional Italian products will always have pride of place on retailers’ shelves. From carefully crafted pasta to unbeatable PDO products, such as Parmigiano Reggiano or Parma Ham. That’s because we know the time, care and craft that go into such products, and their illustrious tradition brings a level of provenance that will lift any dish.

However, we also have a soft spot for innovation. For the foodies who never stop testing and tweaking recipes to create something brand new, yet thoroughly delicious. We’ve been elated, as many retailers have been, too, to witness the rise in home cooking throughout the Covid crisis. The spike in at-home pizza oven sales has no doubt led to much experimentation from consumers keen to explore the breadth and depth of their cooking abilities.

This balance between tradition and innovation is what keeps our industry fresh and exciting, while also being firmly rooted in the rich culinary history of Italy. But just don’t ask me to add pineapple to my pizza.

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