13 January 2020, 09:42 AM
  • SALSA has launched a new Label Check service for smaller producers
Comply with Confidence

SALSA (the UK’s Safe and Local Supplier Approval Scheme) has launched a Label Check service which will review, assess and proof for ‘final approval’ product labels in compliance with current UK legislation. The service provides essential security of declaration for small companies who want to ‘get it right first time.’

Successful and legally compliant food packaging design has so many jobs to do. It must protect the product, catch the shopper’s eye and interest, communicate brand values and the quality of the product inside, as well as be distinct and recognisable to loyal customers. Most importantly, it must tell the consumer everything they need to know about the product, so they can make a fully informed decision about what is a safe and appropriate choice for them.

Smaller producers require the same high quality of technical advice on product labelling as larger companies and all need to work to the same rules. For those without in-house technical and legal resources, SALSA Label Check provides an extra level of security for producers. Get it right and not only will it help sell a product, it will ensure consumers are given the critical information they need to make confident and informed food choices based on diet, allergies, personal taste or cost.

“Accurate and compliant labelling is critical to protecting consumer welfare and the health of a business,” says scheme founder Chris Grimes. “Concerns over making correct allergen declarations, the requirement for Nutrition Value signalling and getting a label 100% right can leave a business owner feeling bogged down in technical details and unsure of their claims. All reputable manufacturers share the same fear that if something isn’t correct on their labels, it could result in a costly recall, a factory closure or as we have seen, fatal harm to a customer.”

SALSA will check a business’s existing labels and advise what they need to change, or if they don’t have artwork, the Scheme’s technical team will work with the company to provide the required legal text, including accurate ingredient, allergen and nutrition information, ensuring the information a company wants to display is both legal and correct in representing their product to consumers.

Scheme development manager, Bonnie Joplin adds, “Our experience tells us that the Food Labelling regulations can be very daunting for smaller producers. New products, improved recipes, changes in legislation, it’s essential to tie it all together in one small information sheet – and that’s just the legalities. SALSA is now able to provide businesses with further support so that they, and ultimately the consumer, are less vulnerable to the potentially severe consequences of getting labelling wrong, especially when it comes to issues critical to food safety.”

Chris continues, “SALSA has been working with small producers for over 10 years and has always supported innovation when underpinned by a firm foundation in food safety. Small producers often realise their expertise doesn’t extend to all areas and can leave them feeling exposed. This is where SALSA can help, by giving a business full confidence in their labels and assurance for their customers.”

Label Check is available to members and non-members.

For more information and enquiries visit salsafood.co.uk, email labels@salsafood.co.uk or call 01295 724 248.

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