11 June 2021, 08:10 AM
  • PLAYin CHOC has set its sights on scaling up, as it raises funds to boost its brand in the UK and beyond

PLAYin CHOC, an ethical maker of organic, allergen-free chocolate and plastic-free toys, is enjoying the sweet taste of success after exceeding its fundraising target of £250,000. At the time of writing, 248 investors had chipped in on the crowdfunding site Crowdcube to raise more than £342,000.

Since its launch in 2018, PLAYin CHOC has sought to shake up the chocolate market, having created a bean-to-bar product for children, which is made from organic, single-origin Peruvian chocolate.

Not only is the chocolate sustainably and ethically sourced, but it also contains a third less sugar than other leading brands and is dairy, nut, gluten and plastic free – in fact, it’s free from 14 allergens in total – tapping into the skyrocketing health and plant-based food trends.

PLAYin CHOC sees a bright future for products like its chocolate, which encourage consumers to swap single-use plastics for paper-based, sustainable and recyclable alternatives, as well as promote healthier organic and natural ingredients, and for that reason the business is seeking to boost its platform and turbo-charge growth.

Indeed, globally the chocolate and toy market segment is estimated to be worth a whopping $4bn (USD) per year, and currently PLAYin CHOC’s ToyChoc Box is the only plastic-free and allergen-free product in the market.

Moreover, the total market size of stockists is estimated at one million, of which 100,000 are in the UK.

Thanks to its early success, which has seen it win 18 multi-national awards, PLAYin CHOC has already won a foothold in a sizeable share of this market, having listed with distributors that have access to more than 600,000 shops across 30 countries. But to maximise this opportunity further, the brand is seeking to spark growth through its crowdfund, which will help boost marketing and streamline the packaging process, bringing down the price of its products.

PLAYin CHOC is listed with three global companies – Sysco, Ocado and Gategroup – and it has plans to see its range of 19 products listed in even more shops in the UK and around the world. But even as it sets its sights on ambitious growth, it is keeping true to its philosophy: joy, health and planet – igniting imaginations, eating organic foods that are fairly sourced, and keeping the planet alive and thriving for the generations to come.

Funding is still open here to own part of this aspiring brand. A chocoholic’s dream!