How to get a listing on Amazon

30 April 2020, 08:05 AM
  • Nick Comer, CEO of Rosetta Brands, explains how working with a dedicated Amazon Distributor can help to elevate your products and optimise sales
How to get a listing on Amazon

Rosetta Brands is a dedicated Amazon Distributor, representing over 150 food and drink suppliers from across the UK - companies such as Belvoir Fruit Farms, Cottage Delight, Hider Foods, Farrah’s of Harrogate, Claire’s Handmade, Raisthorpe Manor, Stewarts of Scotland, Kernow Chocolate, Brown Bag Crisps and many more. Our suppliers range from small, independent producers all the way up to multi-million pound businesses – and we apply the same solution to each supplier, regardless of size or sector, in unlocking Amazon. 

The fine food and drink products that sell best on Amazon usually benefit from having great branding, being in a desirable sector, and ambient, with a minimum six-month shelf life. That’s not to say we can’t tailor solutions for chilled products, but the shipping of these items tends to be more expensive which can take the products outside commercial price points, especially if sold in low volume. Tick the right boxes, however, and Rosetta will be interested in presenting your brand and full range of products to Amazon. Our supply chain solution requires support of potentially small orders in the first instance, with a view towards unlocking large volume further down the line.

At the moment, it’s the staples which are selling well on Amazon - cordials, chocolate, crisps, preserves and so on - and this trend is set to continue through May 2020 as consumers look for alternative ways to get hold of their core grocery products during the Covid-19 crisis. Once restrictions are relaxed, Amazon will revert to ordering a much broader, high end, highly desirable range across a brand’s full portfolio, which is where it tends to perform best. We’ve seen success recently in the kombucha section, with one of our brands performing consistently in the top 10 in their category within three or four weeks of launching on the platform.

Once in, many brands want to secure an optimal listing on Amazon Fresh, Amazon Pantry and Amazon’s Choice. Suppliers don’t get to choose if they’re listed in these desirable categories - Amazon does - but our model allows each product to be in the best position possible to be selected by the retailer. This is achieved by dispatching from an Amazon location in the UK and ensuring Amazon Prime shipping with guaranteed next day delivery, with regular fulfilment on a weekly basis. If it’s a desirable and popular product, then it will tick all Amazon’s boxes to enable it to move into the high-volume-shifting categories. 

The way Rosetta works with its suppliers is transparent and straightforward. We pay suppliers wholesale prices to purchase products and then we sell them direct to Amazon. Using official supplier information, we create a professional product page and storefront on the Amazon platform (the end consumer sees only the supplier and Amazon brand names), and handle all communication, disputes and tech issues, including remittance and chargeback. Amazon handle Prime delivery, including returns, and we pay the supplier according to their own T&Cs (typically 30 days), whilst Amazon’s terms are typically a lot longer, which we manage. It really is as simple as that. 

At Amazon, you can start off small in volume, but each sale helps you to climb the rankings and we recommend suppliers give it a full 12-month cycle to analyse the results. We’ve not yet had one supplier stop once they’ve realised the sales volume we can help unlock. Amazon is a long-term project and year one is about gaining market share, climbing the rankings and establishing the brand/products on its forever expanding platform. We see exponential growth year-on-year with brands as we move into years two, three and four.

For this reason, Amazon shouldn’t be seen as a short-term sales fix. We work with brands long-term to unlock large volume, through having the right presence and delivery solutions on what will be the world’s largest grocery platform in the future. There’s no trial period or minimum order and if you’re the kind of supplier who’s keen to open new retail channels, flexible in your operational approach and wants to build your brand over the long term, working with an experienced distributor like Rosetta Brands could be a very easy and profitable solution.

Nick is happy to give advice to suppliers who are interested in being listed on Amazon and can be contacted on +44 (0) 333 3448171 or emailed directly at

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