24 April 2024, 08:32 AM
  • The UK’s bestselling truckle cheese maker has had a refresh paying homage to its home in North Wales
Snowdonia Cheese Co reveals new branding

Ask any consumer about cheese truckles and there’s one name that will stand out – Snowdonia Cheese Co.

Snowdonia has become synonymous with the category both in the UK and internationally, with its products recognised for their consistent quality, from the savoury bite and creamy texture of original recipe Black Bomber, to the intensely nutty, distinctive-tasting 18-month aged Red Storm.

To mark the brand’s ongoing success, the team has just revealed its new look. A year in the making, and the first refresh for the Snowdonia Cheese Co since 2018.

Commercial director, Richard Newton-Jones, says a great deal of time, thought and care has gone into the refresh, to premiumise the brand further, while celebrating Snowdonia Cheese Co’s roots in the wild, ruggedly beautiful North Wales landscape.

“For us, it was also about pulling out the values of the brand, and communicating them,” Richard adds. Colour choice has been key. “You’ve got the slate blue because there’s slate everywhere you look across North Wales. And, in terms of the gold colouring, that’s inspired by the summit of Snowdon, and the golden sunsets you see there.”

When it comes to imagery there’s a sense of grounding, and rooting, illustrating several key elements. “One is the mountains,” says Richard. “Which is obviously the landscape of North Wales where we’re from, and where our products are made. Then the farmhouse, again, signifies the family, the place, and the people, with the windblown tree and chimney smoke rising.”

Incorporating that sense of ‘people’ was essential to the new look, says Richard. “We’re a family business, but also a people business. Our dedicated team are fantastic, and we’re all passionate about food and our provenance.”

There’s already been a “hugely positive” reception to the refresh, with Richard saying he’s thrilled that customers and consumers are “as passionate about the brand as we are”.

Truckles as a format have really taken off in the UK, with cheese expert Charlie Turnball saying they are an integral part of the modern independent cheese and deli counter. Snowdonia Cheese Co leads the way in the category, says Richard, predominantly because “we really care about quality. Whenever we are introducing a new product line, it has to give us the ‘wow’ factor or we don’t bring it to market. We’re always researching new flavours and innovating, and a lot of resource goes into development, so everything reaches our very high expectations.”

That unwillingness to waver from being exceptional, is what has led Snowdonia Cheese Co to be voted best British cheese brand six times, with more than 130 awards both on home soil, and globally, to its name.

“We’re always thinking about the experience,” Richard says. “Making sure the products look great, that the service our customers receive is taken very seriously, and that there’s excitement for the consumer experience.”

There certainly was excitement last September when Snowdonia Cheese Co introduced its innovative Cheese Bakes, which have become an instant hit with shoppers for their look, ease of use, and delicious flavour profiles. A series of new promotional and marketing materials is coming soon for the range, with a third flavour to be introduced later in the year, in time for the festive buying season.

“They are so popular. They’re 150g portions, in a terracotta dish, which retains the warmth, and they cook in the oven in 20 minutes, or in the microwave in 2.5 minutes,” says Richard. A Welsh Rarebit combines Black Bomber with wholegrain mustard, craft ale and Worcestershire sauce, while Rock Star is melted into French Sauvignon Blanc for a fondue-style offering. Both ideal for grazing platters and al fresco dining and dipping this summer.

Further NPD was achieved with the launch of three types of crackers, designed to perfectly complement the cheeses.

And Richard says there are more “exciting new things” to come later in 2024, but you’ll have to “watch this space”.

Snowdonia Cheese Co thinks letting consumers try its products is key, so a wide range of promotional materials and sampling kits is available. Get in touch to find out how to bring them to your store.

The Snowdonia Cheese Co range includes:

Black Bomber
A powerful, mature, creamy and bold cheese, with layer after layer of savoury flavour. Very distinctive and a bestseller.

Rock Star Fondue Cheese Bake
A blend of cave-aged vintage Rock Star Cheddar with Sauvignon Blanc and cracked black pepper. Bakes in a terracotta ramekin in only 20 minutes.

Green Thunder
A mouth-watering combination of Snowdonia’s signature Cheddar with aromatic garden herbs and roasted garlic.

Truffle Trove
Mature cheddar combined with luxurious black summer truffles.

Beech Wood
A rich, savoury, naturally smoked Cheddar with real depth and character.

Pickle Power
Inspired by a classic ploughman’s lunch. Mature Cheddar with a punch of pickled onion.