12 April 2023, 09:52 AM
  • Monts & Terroirs are offering fine food retailers the exclusive opportunity to sample Comté for free

Since 1945, Monts & Terroirs has been forging special links with producers in the regions of Franche-Comté and Savoie who share its commitment to quality cheeses, while respecting tradition, people and the environment.

Working directly with more than 180 milk producers, Mont & Terroirs is dedicated to the sustainability of local industries, and the brand is made up of dedicated men and women who convey their expertise and passion at every step of the chain.

Fine food retailers are invited to register their interest in trying cheese samples of Comté for free, or request more information here.

What we stand for:
- Respecting traditions, the regional diversity of our lands, and animal welfare are values we have held since 1945
- Partnering family-size farms with +/- 60 cows per farm

Our Comté and its origins
Comté was born in the Middle Ages, using the practice of traditional hot ripening with 100% raw milk, produced from Montbéliarde or Simmental breed cows that have been fed from the rich pastures of the Jura mountains. This is to preserve the richness of flavour and aroma of our regions. Its long conservation made it possible to meet the needs of an entire family throughout the winter.

From the 13th Century, Comté has been produced in ‘fruitières’. Based on a cooperative model, the fruitières are groups of producers who shared the milk collected to be transformed into cheese.

Cows are milked twice a day and every day the raw milk is collected and transported to the site of production, called the fruitière. Once the milk is obtained, it should be put into tanks for the curding process as quickly as possible. The milk is heated and then pressed for a minimum of six hours.

The maturing process should last a minimum of 120 days, starting with the pre-maturing phase. During this time, the wheels of cheese are salted and rubbed at least twice a week.

Indeed, the cheese is left for several months in maturing cellars, at least four months but often between eight and ten and sometimes more than 18 months! 

Monts & Terroirs are offering free cheese samples of their exceptional 18 and 24 months Comté to farm shops, delis and wholesalers around the UK. Request more information here.